History of STA

On February 1, 1955 – STA received the first call and light for Christian service. Her humble origin was a legacy from the two (2) CICM Priests: Rev. Fathers Omer Dewilde and Herman Gadeyne, Parish Priest and Assistant Parish Priest respectively.


In 1955, there was a simultaneous opening of First Year and Second Year and on July 12, 1956 Certificate of Incorporation No. 18188 was issued.  In 1958, the Permit for Secondary Course and Government     Recognition No. 50 s. 1958 was awarded.


Relocation of a better and wider site of the school was realized – Building A was constructed. Later,the Administration Building and Building B were established and the school ground and pavement were finished.  In 1975 Building C which houses the Elementary Department was constructed.   Government permit was granted and later, Government Recognition Number 001 s. 1979 was issued.  In 1979, the blessing of Building D was done and there was also the construction of Practical Arts Building at Ozanam Village, Aritao (now converted as Diocesan Hospital – IPA).  By 1981, ANNEX School was founded (later on however, it was converted into another school). All these improvements were due to the able leadership of the ever generous brother priests: Rev. Fr. John Wageners as School Director and Rev. Fr. Maurice Wageners as Assistant Director. They stayed with the STA family for 29 years (1968-1995). They did not only do tremendous improvements in STA but they did a lot of great assistance too to  Aritao as a whole.


            December, 1995, STA was turned over to  Rev. Fr. Guilbert Van Huiselling, CICM as school Director and Fr. Mario Ronilo S. Flores as Assistant School Director and Parish Priest. It was during their time that STA went high tech. – “The use of Computers.” They administered STA affairs until 1996.


            In 1996, humble STA was under the new chain of leadership (The Diocese). Rev. Fr. Enrique G. Tiongson, the first diocesan priest designated school director.


            In STA’s dream for continuous growth and committed service, it has to traverse triumphantly across the challenges of the time, one of which is the Educational Service Contracting (ESC) Certification of schools from which STA is a member. This ESC is a government Scholarship/Assistance to deserving students enrolled in a private high school.  STA’s bravery to ascend and struggle more is enriched by the timely arrival of Rev. Fr. Mario Ronilo S. Flores who assumed his post as school director in 2000. He spearheaded the making of STA into a befitting school for the certification. STA got an evaluation rating then of “WITHIN STANDARD”,  SY 2003-2004.


            STA continued to grow and improve: The transfer of the library to a wider/ more spacious area – The Old Parish Hall in Building B. The relocation of the Science laboratory from the third floor of Building D down to the second floor. The Transfer of the Computer laboratory to the third floor where the science lab vacated; the fencing project, the painting of the rooftops on all the school buildings; renovation of comforts rooms for High School and Elementary, the Heavy Duty Sound System etc. All these were made possible because of the great help of the Family Council, Faculty and staff, students, administration, benefactors and supporters of STA.


            STA turned 50 in Feb., 2005. This was indeed a momentous event for her. A two-day celebration was conducted in remembrance of STA’s 50th Founding Anniversary

June, 2008, STA has faced another struggle in meeting the demands of the challenges of the time: the opening of the SCIENCE CURRICULUM, first year level, with DepEd Permit Number A-061-08 S. 2008 and the RECERTIFICATION program which has to commence on the third quarter of the same school year.


Fr. Vic’s dream of letting Theresians become SMART has come to reality because of the putting up of an INTERNET ACCESS in the school. The internet library is primarily to upgrade the standard of the teaching-learning process.


The “Adopt A Theresian Scholarship Grant” has finally come to reality because of the great help of the kindhearted alumni:


Miss Mary Jane Lejao, Batch ’97 sponsors a Second Year Student, Jessica Capiz.

Mr. and Mrs Fulgencio Lejao, Parents of Ms Mary Jane Lejao from Canada sponsors a grade four student, Leo Jericho Meneses.


Atty. Elpidio Dulay, Batch ’74 also sponsors a First Year Student in the Science Curriculum, BJ Carino.


Three registered nurses of Batch 2004 have been the Volunteered Nurses in STA: Miss Katrine Joyce B. Linsangan; Miss kathrine Anne B. Linsangan and Miss Arianne Alyssa L. Tucay. The Three active ladies have passed the Nursing Board Exam. Last June, 2008.


Finally, STA goes global in this aspect! But it does NOT stop here. She keeps on seeking for the best; she goes on dreaming, for as long as there’s LIFE, we KEEP GOING!
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